Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Changin' it up on the Harbor

Will Clark keeping all the kids interested with a rap battle.
   Will here again, on the second week of duty with the kids! Today we mixed it up a little bit from the usual schedule. Instead of starting at Blacks Creek and then traveling to Camp Harbor View half way through the day, we went on a cruise. We took out the Fredrick L. Nolen Jr. from the Boston Harbor Cruise's fleet. With three decks, it was plenty of room for the two groups of kids we took out from CHV, which numbered at 200 each. The tour of the harbor started at the dock on Long Island and took us out to Boston Light. On the way we pointed out the islands to the kids and told the story and all behind each one. They especially liked the story about the Lady in Black we told while passing Georges Island.
   Once at Boston Light we looped back by Castle Island and back to CHV. The kids were surprisingly energetic in the hot sun which made the day a lot more fun. It was really nice to see the kids from fishing club, like my buddy Kyle who now knows everything to know about fishing and the harbor islands. Today was a great cruise and I know for a fact the Kids from CHV had a great day. It was a good preview to the fishing trip we have in store on Friday for those from CHV!

Kyle from Fishing Club and I out on the Harbor Cruise 

Will Conroy

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