Thursday, July 10, 2014

About me, Filmawit

     Hello everyone,

  My name is Filmawit. I have been living in Boston for two years. I am from Ethiopia. I am a student at Brighton High and I will be senior next year. I speak 3 languages Amharic, Tigrgna and English. In my free time I like to walk, listening to music and watching movies. I have two brothers. I am the oldest in my family. I worked last summer at Vine Community Center. I really enjoyed working there because it was my first time to work at the Community Center and playing with kids. I had learn a lot from them, Also I had good time with them. I would like to go to college when I finish high school and I want to be pharmacist. My favorite subject is math because I had the best math teachers in my school. All my math teachers worked hard to help me understand. I had perfect attendance and high honor roll.
This is me wearing traditional clothes and braid.
    I am so excited to work with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay this summer because it seems that l will learn a lot of different things. I will learn a lot about crabs, fish and other animals. I like working with Save the Harbor because I am doing different things that I never did before. I am having a good time at the river, fishing  and kayaking. Thank you.


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