Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another summer at Piers Park

     It is one of the most satisfying feelings to be able to return to a site that you've worked at after a long hiatus. Out of the past four summers I've been at Save the Harbor, three of those I have worked entirely at Piers Park Sailing Center in East Boston. A hidden gem that offers impressive panoramic views of the Boston skyline, returning year after year never gets old.  Every summer there are campers from the year prior that return to the site. These little veterans are a huge help when it comes to activities like fishing or catching crabs because they already know the ropes and effortlessly pass on their knowledge to the new campers. Upon my arrival to Piers Park this summer I was immediately greeted by a hilarious camper named Chanu. Chanu and I had many funny moments last summer and the first day proved to be no different. Chanu was delighted to be able to fish and learn more about the Boston Harbor with us once more.

A fun sunny day fishing!

     In addition to fishing, we have crab races at the end of the day. The crabs that were caught that day are distributed to the campers, and are lined up along the edge of the dock. The camper whose crab skitters into the water the fastest is deemed the winner. The kids are always overjoyed to participate in a bit of friendly competition. Judging from the level of enthusiasm among the campers and with my fellow coworkers, I can already tell that this summer will be a blast.

A crab race in progress!
Until next time,

Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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