Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eve Before The Storm

      On my first day of work, I went to the Boston Children's Museum.  It was really great teaching the kids and their parents how to fish and cast.  I also showed them the crabs in our touch tank and taught them how to tell if they where a boy or girl.  You can tell the difference looking at their bellies.  Girl crabs have a wide shell piece and boys have a narrow piece.

On my second day I found out I was going to All Access Boston Harbor and was working on Spectacle Island.  There we went fishing and caught some crabs.  When I was first grabbing the crabs I was a little frighten because I didn't know if they would pinch me or ripe my finger off.
       After fishing, we played some sports like kick ball, football, and soccer. In kick ball, everybody wanted me to be on their team because I could kick the ball way past the outfielders and we could score.  After a competitive game, we eventually ended up losing. But going swimming afterwards took our minds off of it and was really refreshing!

Carlos Garcia

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