Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First time at piers park

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It's my first year here working with little kids at Piers Park and it's a lot of fun. Everyday they have so much energy when they come to piers park first thing in the morning it surprises me. When we go to the docks all the kids scream if they can use the fishing pole first- it's wild!
Everyday this week we barely caught anything with the fishing poles but the kids energy are still high and they still have their hopes up on catching something. Some of the kids love to catch jellyfish with the nets and look at them. They all get excited when we catch crabs in the crab trap and want to play with them and hold them. At the end of the day we have a crab race and the kids really enjoy that, it's a lot of fun. Hopefully later in the summer one of the kids will catch a fish, I would love to see the kids reactions.
-Andy Gomez
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