Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Week Good Week

Telephone Game

Running away from Uncle Sam
A big shot in Kick Ball
First week was a hot week, sun was out and shinning and there was nothing holding us back. Blacks Creek was a good time getting to meet a lot of new kids that come to our program. They were always happy and ready to go.

We played kick ball and uncle sam at the start of our day.  Some of these kid had more speed then I expected them to have. Another fun game we played with them was telephone. It made me laugh to hear that starting phrase of "trees are annoying" came out as simply "left" at the end. One thing that really surprised me the most was when we sat in a circle and brought up one topic and it was "what do you know about the harbor" and these kids knew everything there was to know about The Harbor.

Being at Camp Harbor View was exciting to see all the kids looking under rocks to find all these different types of sea creatures. There were kids finding Hermit Crabs, Spider Crabs, and Asian Shore Crabs. We also were thrilled to see a kid catch a skate when they were running fishing club. Everybody dropped everything they were doing to go see the skate.

Kid Who Fished Up The Skate

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