Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth Summer Back-Vinh Tran

Hello all,

     I'm Vinh Tran and will be working with the summer staff as a Lead Harbor Explorer. I recently completed my freshman year at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I was born and raised in Boston and was very well acquainted with the wonder that is the Boston Harbor. I live a five minute walk away from Savin Hill Beach, so spending time at the beach has always been a must for me as a child. As a child, field trips to the New England Aquarium were always my favorite. Marine life has always been a fascination to me. Naturally, a job that goes hand in hand with marine biology and it's conservation would be perfect for me.

Other than marine biology, football has always been a passion for me

     Save the Harbor/Save the Bay fit all of the criterion. Save the Harbor/Save the Bay not only gives thousands of children around Boston a taste of the Boston Harbor, but gives teenagers like myself an opportunity to work with these children and open their eyes to the beauty that resides oftentimes a fifteen minute walk away. Not only can we improve ourselves as individuals, we can also instill intimate feelings of passion and wonderment in these children's hearts for the Boston Harbor that will last indefinitely. A simple stroll along the beach looking for sea glass or finding sea shells could completely change a child's view about the harbor. Seeing as this will be my fourth summer back, I hope to continually improve and utilize my skills to be the driving force that propel the organization to greater heights.

A striped bass I was able to catch last summer


Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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