Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kids Everywhere!

Hey everyone, it's Preston again. Down at Community Boating we have had the opportunity to work with many kids and get them interested in the harbor. There were kids everywhere! In this picture, we took a group of kids to look at our eel traps that we have set up on the dock along the Charles River. The kids were fascinated with what we caught. We were amazed to find a large eel, four small eels and about six fish. The kids loved it! When we pulled up the traps, kids were shocked that eels even lived in the river.

After letting the kids pull up the traps, we took them over to the end of the dock to fish. To my amazement, there are a lot of young kids who know how to fish. We let a few kids make little dough balls as bait. We made fish bait from flour, water and sugar since our clam bait wasn't able to catch any fish. That too was unsuccessful. Although we weren't able to catch any fish, I had a blast this week fishing and working with kids, cant wait till next week!

See you next time,

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