Wednesday, July 16, 2014

McDonough sailing center

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This week was really intense at McDonough, we caught so many crabs this week. I think the kids caught over 80 crabs plus one big spider crab. Everyone was going crazy when the little boy caught the spider crab with the fishing pole. The kids were so excited to see the huge crab, some of them were very scared to pick it up but faced their fear and did it.
Yesterday I went to go pick up the lobster trap and there were four of them, we let one go because it was a baby so we brought back three big lobsters to the dock. All of the kids were going crazy when they saw the lobster, they didn't expect us to bring some back, they were really happy to see them up close and pick them up. It was my first time seeing a lobster up close and picking it up so it was a great time for me as well. Some of the kids wanted to bring them home and keep them as pets. The parents were also surprised by how big the lobsters were and took pictures. At the end Sam took all three lobster home to eat them for dinner. 
-Andy Gomez

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