Saturday, July 12, 2014

The "Fish Cookies" Really Work!

Our sea friends.
At the Courageous Sailing Center we were able to catch tons and tons of crabs. There were so many to the point where we had to start letting some go because the touch tank was getting way too crowded. Even the people who stopped by noticed that we had more in the touch tank than usual. There were about 20 green, at least 10 asian shore crabs, and 6 star fishes (one of them was about the size of a hand). Sadly, the only fish we caught so far at this site were through the lobster trap. But I'm determined and sure that we will soon.
A quick picture with our little sea friends before freeing them back into the Harbor.

Making our own bait today.
At Community Boating yesterday we decided to try something new and made our own bait. We had tried the recipe that Annie and her team last year had used as bait made out of 3 simple ingredients; flour, sugar, and water. We mixed all the ingredients together and it turned out as a dough type texture, and then we rolled them into little balls. One of the kids decided to call them "fish cookies". We placed them into the traps, and who knew?! It actually worked. After we had used the "fish cookies" as bait we caught a large amount of fishes in the traps. It was a fun activity to do, it was a little twist to our envioronmental class. It was a fishing, crabbing, and cooking class all in one! Today was another hot, yet fun and interesting day. Ending my week well. Looking forward to next week, to see what else we can catch with these "fish cookies".
Our finished results: "Fish cookies"

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