Friday, July 19, 2013

Breaking The Sweat At Work!

Week 2. What can I say? Another awesome week with the kids at the Children's Museum! Even though it has gotten much hotter, it did not stop people and their children from stopping by and watching and learning about the crabs and fishes that we caught and go fishing with us. Which is great because, all that patience and hard work from standing in the hot blazing sun sweating bullets to catch all those fishes and crabs were all worth it.

Families stopping by to fish.
All the crabs we caught! Getting ready to free them.

P.S. Yes this week we finally caught fish! I finally witnessed for the first time catching a fish at the Children's Museum. Not just one but two. You have no clue how excited and happy I was.

Week 2 at the Boston's Children's Museum:
The crabs and fishes we caught at the Boston's Children Museum 
Irish showing the crabs we caught to both the adults and kids.

The heat caused us this week to relocated the crab and fishes. We noticed that by leaving them in the sun the water was beginning to getting warmer faster and that was not good for the crabs. So we decided to move them under a tree where it had more shaded. This relocation was not only a benefit for the crabs and fishes, but it was also for the people and kids who wanted to see them.

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