Friday, July 19, 2013

Funtastic Day at Frisbeach!

Hey, Thi here! For the first week at Spectacle Island, it has been amazing so far!!

     On Tuesday, the crew and I headed out and quickly spread to cover the different activities such as fishing, fun on the beach, searching for treasures of Spectacle Island (sea glass, ceramics, etc.), and playing sports in the fields of the North Drumlin.

View of Boston from Spectacle Island!
      But today, Wednesday, we were in for a treat! The freshly ordered frisbees were brought out to the island and boy, did the groups love them. Right after lunch, we headed out to the sandy beaches and got ready to all run into the the awaiting cool ocean waters. The moment our feet touched the chilly wetness, frisbees were in the air, casting away to different pairs of hands. Their screams of enthusiasm filled the air and it was just amazing!

FRISBEACH with the campers
     Past 1, most of the groups had left to dry off and explore the rest of the island, but one part of a group stayed. Kalyn was just a young'un from the city of Winthrop and he could swim very well. He even showed off how to do the backstroke! It was an experience to see a kid at such a young age enjoying the oceans and beaches we all love so much. Kayln was so much fun to swim with and to play keep-away with (with Carolyn in the middle). Even when his mom came by and asked if he wanted to leave to see the other parts of the island, he adamantly said no and that he wanted to stay in the harbor. I'm so glad to have made such an exciting friend and happy we could enjoy something we both love together!
Kayln and I!

     Peace, Love, Boston Harbor.
     Thi Tran

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