Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't Rain on my Parade

Hey fellow readers, I'm here again to tell you all about my rainy day!
Me showing the kids crabs
Rain Rain Go Away--- the four words I chanted but didn't seemed to help.  I was soaked, cold, and desperate. But thankfully Annie came up with a fantastic idea to just move ourselves and the crabs into the Children's Museum.  Although it was very cold inside the building, (and I was shivering so hard) I was basically unable to hold up a crab; seeing the anxious and excited faces of the kids pushed me to work harder. The loud, yet cheerful noises, quickly brought a smile to my face. Also everything was at a fast and exhilarating pace!  Everyone was happy and so was I--moving into the museum was the best idea anyone had that day and gladly... the rain did not rain on my parade! This concluded my first week working here at Save the Harbor and I can't wait for more smiles, laughter, and energy to come this summer! 

Peace, Love, and Happiness
Anicia Gillespie

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