Friday, July 12, 2013

Kickball, Crabs, and Fish! Oh My!

Yesterday I had the privilege of accompanying the All Access staff and three amazing groups from the Boston community on an All Access Boston Harbor trip to George’s Island.  I spent a great summer day playing kickball and enjoying the weather on the island (well once it stopped raining).  The chance to get out of the office and hang out with some great kids while enjoying Boston harbor has definitely become the best part of my week.  Last year I went on a couple All Access trips to Spectacle Island, but I had not gotten the opportunity to see all George’s Island has to offer. 

The kids get the opportunity to learn about many different kinds of marine life
George’s Island allows kids to not only enjoy the beautiful view of Boston Harbor, it gives everyone there a chance to explore the historic Fort Warren, learn how to fish, catch crabs, explore or just relax on the beach, and play sports with our youth staff.  For many of the children that accompany us on these All Access trips it is their first time on Boston Harbor and sometimes their first time on a boat!  The goal of these trips is not only to show how accessible Boston Harbor can be, but also to demonstrate how much enjoyment it can provide to people of all ages.

There was a lot of success catching crabs
Yesterday I spent most of my day on the field at the center of Fort Warren playing sports with the children and counselors from Paige Academy.  It was so amazing being able to play wiffle ball and kickball at work.  Best job ever!  Things got pretty heated during our epic kickball match.  Both teams had a lot of talent and were pretty evenly matched.  Unfortunately, our team ended up losing by only two, but the kids barely noticed because they were having so much fun playing.

Although my team did not win in kickball, I did have on major victory during the day. One main goal of most staff member on All Access is to get trash in David's bag without him noticing. This is quite a difficult task. However, while David was pitching in kickball, I seized my chance. He was focused on the game so he didn't notice me sneak over to my bag and grab my granola bar wrapper and put it in a pocket of his bag. At the end of the day, I waited for David to get to his car so celebrate my victory. It was quite an exciting ordeal. Overall it was a great day on All Access, but then again, it always is.

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