Friday, July 12, 2013

A wonderful day

This is the best team
Yesterday was a rainy day, but while we arrived at the George's Island it stop raining. My internship  was successful. We walked around the island, then we went to the tunnel, the children yelled and the voices echoed. Thi is my co-worker, she caught a crab, some people that went on the ship went into the ocean. We went around the ocean, the ocean is clear, the wind made us feel comfortable. We had a lot of fun. The children saw the new things and they knew more information abut the island.

There have a big field on the island, we played some sports, we played baseball and had really good time. We also played kickball  with the childrens from Roxbury, we divided into team of seven people. The childrens like to play kickball, they had fun while they were playing the game. The game was tied 15-15. That game was amazing. I have a really good time playing with the childrens and my co-workers. That was a wonderful day.

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