Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lobstahs in da House!!!

It’s the start of Week 2 and it’s clear that summer is in full swing, both in terms of the heat and the enthusiasm amongst our Harbor Explorers! Over at Piers Park we kicked off the week by welcoming a new set of campers, including a lobster we found in the trap left out over the weekend. While she was on the smaller side, we were still able to talk about lobsters, their unique characteristics and other fun facts about their history and life cycle. The kids were full of excellent questions and were eager to take a turn holding (or just petting) our new friend.

Avalynn takes a turn holding the lobster. 

Harbor Explorers get silly after cooling off in
the Piers Park fountain. 

But the Harbor Explorers at McDonough Sailing Center were not to be outdone and their lobster trap provided us with a larger lobster, who the kids later dubbed, Larry the Lobster. Larry was extremely active and provided everyone with lots of squeals and laughs as he fought off anyone who dared to attempt picking him up. 

May, Abby and Larry
We are hoping that Larry will join Save the Harbor/Save the Bay at the Sand Sculpting Competition this weekend (July 19 -21) at Revere Beach. So, if you would like the chance to see Larry, stop by the competition and visit the STH/STB touch tank. Hope to see you there! 

-Sarah C

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Unknown said...

I love this! A big lobster! Thats so exciting!