Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Fun Never Stops

Hey guys its Manny again!  Today I was another great day at the Boston Children's Museum.  While at the Children's Museum we were fishing and catch crabs from Boston Harbor, educating kids on the types of crabs we caught and teaching the kids how to fish.  Catching crabs comes easy to us, catching fish is much harder. After we catch crabs and whatever else we find in the crab trap (mussels, small striped bass) we set up a touch tank so the kids and adults can have a feel and learn about the sea creatures.  Most of the kids love the touch tank because its not something they always get to see.
Look at all of those crabs!
Although I love working at the Children's Museum, today was our first day at Spectacle Island and I could not wait to get there and swim!  David Coffin, our resident Maritime Historian, has all the staff paranoid, thinking they were going to get tossed in the water.  We had about 200 kids at AABH. Some kids I have seen already but most I'm just meeting for the first time. I love meeting and talking to the kids because all of them are excited to go explore and have fun at AABH.  It was a hot day today so you would have seen me in the water more than playing kickball.  Luckily, I ran away from David and didn't get thrown in.....but tomorrow I bet that won't be the case!

See you on Spectacle,

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