Friday, July 12, 2013

Second Day Out in The Harbor

Today was another wonderful day at Georges Island, which I doubt there will ever be any bad days at Save The Harbor/Save The Bay.  As always we started the day off drawing with the kids that came from different places.  After we got down to the boat and loaded all kids in, we got ready for the excitement to begin. 

         At Georges Island me and my group went down to the beach, skipped some rocks. and then went to check the crab traps.  My favorite part of the day was that I taught a kid how to skip rocks.  Even though it took a little while to grip right, we managed to get at least 3 skips, which I think was the coolest part of the day!  I feel accomplished thit at I got to help one kid do the one thing he never did before.  After, we went down to the dock to catch some crabs, that was kind of a fail because we didn't any bate to put in the crab trap. better luck next time I guess.  

Rock Skipping Champs
   All in all it was great ending for the week for Save The Harbor/Save The Bay. I look forward to many more. 

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