Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So Many Fish, So Little Time

We started off our day bright and early with a visit to Community Boating located on the Charles River.  Soon after our arrival we baited our eel trap and baited our hooks and waited patiently to see what the day had to offer. Before no time the white and red floaters on the fishing lines soon began to bob feverishly up-and-down, the tell tale sign of something on the other end. Within 30 minutes we had already caught 6 fish, mostly sunfish but with a surprising catch of a small, largemouth bass.
Might look small, but put up quite a fight
As we pulled up our eel trap to our amazement there were no eels to be found, yet sunfish the size of silver dollars had managed to get caught in our trap and it was a perfect opportunity to talk about the different eating times of our chosen prey. After discussing the nocturnal habits of the eels, the kids decided it would be best to let our eel trap soak over night in hopes that tomorrow morning the trap will be bubbling full of eels!
Tiny sunfish caught in our eel trap
As we moved to our afternoon site at Courageous Sailing our luck fishing continued and we caught to chogies right away. After baiting 4 of our lobster traps we let them sit while we took turns fishing and using different types of bait that we had found, from mussels to invasive crabs much fun was had by all to see which type of bait was most successful (it was mussels!). At the very end of the day we decided it was time to pull the lobster traps to check them for any interesting marine critters. As we pulled up our first trap the excited squeals of "We got a lobster!" echoed down the pier. Affectionately named "Robert Lobster" by the kids, we could not help but take some pictures with our first lobster of the season at Courageous.
Trying to give the lobster a smooch!
After such a lucky day on the water, as we all left for the night we couldn't help but dream about what tomorrow, and the rest of the summer, will hold.

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