Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The first day I went to work

I am playing soccer with one of the children from the Idiil group.
Hi, everyone. I am Hung and I am going to be a senior at Madison Park High School this September. Today was my first day working at Save The Harbor/Save The Bay. I gave the children from the Idiil group a picture to draw and I talked to them about what we were going to do today. We visited George's Island; we boarded on the boat, talked to each other.  Some children looked at the sea, while some were playing around. We arrived to George's Island, got off the boat and had lunch.

We went to the field to play soccer and kickball. I played soccer with many of the kids. We also went to the tunnel; the tunnel is a cave and it is very dark inside.  I hit the wall in the tunnel while trying to walk through. I walked around the island and noticed that it was small but it is beautiful. I met new friends and I talked to so many children.

Today was my first day at the island. I felt excited and am enjoying these experiences I am getting in my job.

I can't wait to work tomorrow!

I will have a great summer with the children!


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