Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh fish, where art thou?

Thi here! On the first great day of All Access, David Coffin led us all to George's Island. Karrisha and I were in charge of the fishing part of the activities and were later joined by two members of Friends of Adam Street Library.
Karrisha and I having fun with our rods!!
 As we were setting up, I had to fillet the fish. I had never done an entire fish by myself before and was so glad that I remembered how to from all the teachings of Bruce Berman. This was something that David Coffin always told us: Try to do something everyday that we have never done before. I got to do two things today!! #1) To fillet an entire fish and #2) go fishing off the docks of George's Island!
Back to the fishing today. Both Mirabelle and Martin were fishing enthusiasts and quickly took up casting the rods after a tutorial to help them remember the steps to use a fishing rod.
With the fish we used for bait after I filleted it!
 But no fish were to be caught. I, however, reeled in my line and got a small female green crab!! She returned to the ocean depths very soon since she scuttled away right when I got her off the piece of bait fish. After that, we had no luck but were joined by many others who just enjoyed the simple, relaxing action of casting and reeling in the line. It was just a great day to lounge around on the new dock and fish with awesome kids! I can't wait to bring out the underwater camera to see all the activity below, right under our feet, and catch these elusive fish! Also I am especially excited to see Mirabelle and Martin again on Thursday on the Marine Mammal Safari.

I'll update you all on the next catches!!
Thi Tran

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