Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Surviving a Heat Wave!

Whoa was it hot today! With temperatures reaching a staggering 91 degrees today the STH/STB had to get creative with our activities to try to minimize our exposure to the intense heat! At Community Boating this morning we were greeted with a surprise when we discovered that the Rozalia Project had set up and brought their Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle, or ROV, to teach kids the importance of cleaning up marine trash.
Top Ten Pieces of Marine Trash
 Rachel, the director at Rozalia, had the kids guess what the top ten most abundant types of marine trash were. The kids were surprised to realize that the majority of trash are items that would come from a picnic, things like wrappers, plates, and utensils. The kids all enjoyed taking turns helping the ROV remove trash from the bottom of the Charles River and taking those pesky pieces of plastic that when left in the ocean/river take up to 450 years before they degrade!

Chalk animals!
We spent our afternoon at Courageous in Charlestown and we all learned about invertebrates! All week we have been pulling up our lobster pots that are full of sea stars, crabs, lobsters, and mussels without knowing much about these incredible organisms. We sat as a group and named all the invertebrates we could think of and then placed them into categories based on defining characteristics. Then we broke into groups and drew our very own invertebrates with chalk and had to categorize our invertebrate into echinoderm (spiny skin), mollusc (soft body), arthropod (jointed limbs), cnidarian (stinging cells), porifera (sponges), or annalid (segmented body).

Of course with all this learning we had to take a break- so when a game of jump rope was started, we had to join.
Stellar Jump-Roping Skills
What a full day it was out on the river and harbor, and we look forward to tomorrow to continue to have fun, learn and play in the middle of the heat wave.

And as always- take chances, ask questions, get messy!- Sarah B

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