Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hey! Who turned on the heat?

Well if there has to be a heat wave let it be the week we go to Spectacle Island, thank you very much. Before we left for the island this morning we met with all the kids under the Bank of America Pavilion tent and I asked how many people thought the harbor was really dirty? About 150 kids and staff raised their hand. After I told the story about the clean up of the harbor I asked the question again and about 5 people raised their hand. Everyone agreed they were going swimming today. How could you not -- it's 145 degrees. Okay. I might be exaggerating a little. I do that sometimes but it was wicked hot. How hot was it? It was so hot Thi fell out of her shoes.

The aforementioned Miss Tran AKA Thi Money

On the boat ride out to the island we handed out two cases of plums which were juicy and delicious. One girl looked like she needed something to do on the boat so I sent her off to count all the doors on the boat. There were 25. She got the answer right so she got to drive the boat for a few minutes. Fortunately she didn't hit any islands.

Once everyone had lunch and brought their trash back to the boat so the bay-gulls wouldn't get it, groups went off in different directions. Some went to play kickball or frisbeach with Davis the master frisbee man. Other groups went straight to the beach to swim. And one group came with me to look for the treasures of Spectacle Island.

We found some amazing beach glass (yes we put it all back) on the non-swimming beach. We found a light green knob off the top of a glass tureen which was absolutely stunning. I've never seen that color beach glass before. But the sun made a lot of the glass too hot to handle so the simple solution was to head over to the swimming beach and toss ourselves into the drink. No argument there. 

David Coffin

PS:  Happy birthday Carolyn!

PPS:  Bridget is hilarious, and I'm sorry I splashed her on Thursday.

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