Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Day on George's Island

That's Sir Isaac the German Shepherd chillin' down the street from my house in Gloucester. We walk this route almost every day because it's on the ocean. The ocean is pretty much where you'll find me any given day between April and October so naturally I'm looking forward to our first day on All Access Boston Harbor 2013. Our first week will be spent exploring Georges Island and the Civil War era Fort Warren. With lots of dark places it's very easy to get scared and I can't bring Isaac with me so I hope Thi and Carolyn will help protect me from all the kids who constantly try to jump out and scare me to death. They hide in the dark tunnel and make some evil looking red eye kind of thing to scare me but I know it's the kids just trying to frighten me so I try not to scream. Lat year Thi screamed so loud her shoe came off. Don't think she ever found it. Davis is one of our new Senior Frisbee guys and I'm really looking forward to learning how to throw a Frisbee forehand. But I'm also anxious to challenge anybody to a rock skipping contest. Oh yeah. We're talking championship rock skipper here. Come on out and take me on. Dude!!

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