Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday at the Children's Museum

Today was an exciting day for the summer staff at Save the Harbor /Save the Bay. It was the kickoff of our summer 2013 program. This morning our Senior Marine Educators gathered at their various sites alongside their Junior Program Assistants. Every Monday, myself along with the other Senior Marine Educators Bridget and Iris, will be situated along the pier located at the Boston Children's Museum.
Our staff included the Junior Program Assistants sharing a new knowledge of crabs and other marine life.

 Here Bridget teaches what kind of crab she caught to these two children. 

The staff and I facilitated hands-on exploration of living crabs for the visiting children and families. This allowed the children to learn the types of crabs and also difference between a male and female crabs.

One of the Junior Assistants teaches a child how to use a fishing pole. 

 Also we taught the kids how to use the fishing poles as they attempted to catch some fish. We also described  what bait was and why we use it. The children also helped us pulling up and exploring the crabs traps to see if we were able to catch anything.

Here I am showing a child how to use a crab trap

Overall, My fellow staff and I had a great start at the Boston Children's Museum.

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