Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meeting New Friends in Old Places!

Coloring with future Harbor Island Explorers
Hey everyone, Manny here! I'm excited to be back for my second summer with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay!

Here's a picture I would like to share with you that shows some pretty cool kids that I got to meet today.  We all discussed different hobbies and videos games that we were interested in.  I actually had a very good talk with them about their favorite sea creatures! Surprisingly, my friend Franklin, who colored the awesome flounder as you can see in the picture, told me that his favorite sea creature was the Loch Ness Monster which caught my attention seeing as how I've also always been interested in that myth.   I also learned that my buddy Sebastian, holding the cool horse shoe crab portrait, loves fishing but gets sea sick sometimes.  What was great about Sebastian was that while spending time talking, he soon forgot he was even on the boat because of how much of a good time he was having.

While at Georges I helped attach bait to fishing rods for the kids to keep them from handling the sharp hooks.  I worked along side my Lead Harbor Explorer, Thi, while she and I taught the kids how to fish.  I cannot wait to go back to the island tomorrow to hopefully catch a striped bass!

I can honestly say I had a terrific day at Georges Island with these kids! We are gonna be have a fantastic summer!


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