Friday, July 12, 2013

The Best Part Of My Job

The different smiles I get to see everyday. Best Part!
The best part of my job after all the hard work is seeing the kids happy and having a blast. In order for that magic to happen we would have to set up everything; the crab traps, the fishing rods, the banner, and getting water for the crabs. That's how our day starts everyday Monday through Friday. After catching the first crab we get so excited and happy because then we would have something to show to the kids.
Showing one of the adults how to hold crab.

The fact that I get a chance to work with animals and kids is just amazing because I am very passionate about those two. Seeing the smiles on the children faces just makes my job tremendously easier and fun. It just surprises me how many kids, parents, and all ages show up to see the crabs! It just show's me that after all the hard work of catching the crabs and fishes, it was all worth it.

Teaching the children and their family about the green crabs living in our harbor.

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