Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Happy Playful Eels

The first week has brought many great experiences.  This week we have caught about 8 fish and about 10 eels at the Charles River in the morning classes.  The kids enjoy being able  to fish on the Charles River.  Every time they catch fish you can just see the excitement and the pride in their smile.  A young girl got the chance to hold an eel for the first time ever then encourage others to do the same.
Michal's first time holding an eel                                                                    
At community boating the kids are interested in anything they can get there hands on. When seeing all the eels the kids all tried to hold one but it was difficult because of the slimy skin the eels have but with practice they have become great teachers for younger children.
The eels on day 4
This summer is going to be a blast!  I cannot wait to meet new people and find new creatures in the Charles River.  We are having lots of fun and hope to share the experience of the eels with others interested!

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