Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's in the Trap!?

Sharing Smiles and staying safe!
Hello! My name is Andy Gonzalez and I am an upcoming freshman at Northeastern University! This is my first summer with Save the Harbor I get to spend it with amazing and enthusiastic kids who love to interact with sea critters. One of their favorites are, what they like to cleverly call, "Sea Squirts" which are little organisms that attach themselves to any location suitable for them to grow. These "Sea Squirts" have the ability to retain water and when you squeeze them, a stream of salt water squirts out hence the nickname "Sea Squirts!" The bright and surprised look on the kids faces when they first discover the squirting talents of a "Sea Squirt" is a genuine and heart-warming sight to see. Their excitement can make even the rainiest days quite amazing. It is amazing to see how much knowledge these children have of the critters and their eagerness to explain what they know.

A Lucky Lobster day!
Besides the marvelous "Sea Squirts," the kids can also find many crabs from clammy Green Crabs to scurry Asian Shore Crabs. From trap to trap there never seems to be a decrease in excitement about the crabs they could find, with kids even calling dibs to pick up the largest crab trapped. The peaceful sea stars are also a constant amazement that range from all sorts of sizes. The beauty of a lobster trap is suspense of pulling them up because you never know what you will find and if you're lucky, you could actually find a lobster in these traps, as ironic as that sounds. The number one thing on these curious kid's minds is "Whats in the trap!?"

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