Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Day at the Children's Museum


Today at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, the group and I were in front of the Children's Museum. We set-up the two crab traps and filled up the touch tank. We used ocean water for the touch tank so anything that we catch wouldn't need a change of water. Also, I started to cut up the bait for the crab trap which was fish that we cut up into pieces. Then, we put the fishing poles in their places against the railing so the children and parents who wanted to fish could.

As parents and their kids start to show up, we educate them on the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is about. We talked about the types of crabs we caught and how you can tell if the crab is a male or female. We also explained how you can tell the age of the crab by its barnacles. Even though we hadn't caught any fish, the kids and their parents were interested in all we had to say about the crabs.

See you on the pier, 

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