Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday with MissionSAFE

This Monday at Courageous Sailing Center was one of the best times that we’ve had there this summer. About 20 new friends from MissionSAFE in Charlestown joined our team from Save the Harbor and the campers in extended day with Courageous. 

The group from MissionSAFE ready to hit the dock

It was thrilling to share the creatures in our lobster traps with so many curious and enthusiastic young people. We saw green crabs, rock crabs, Asian shore crabs, and sea stars in our traps. Before the group from MissionSAFE arrived at Courageous we tried to catch some big fish to show them more of the cool things you can find in the harbor. 

Sam, our resident artist and fishing expert, was with us and spotted two tautogs swimming close to the surface between the dock and the pier. We also spotted a really big striped bass lurking under the dock. Our team tried tirelessly to catch one of these huge fish, but we had seen them there before and they seemed too clever to take our bait. The tautogs were swimming in a male and female pair and probably had other things on their minds besides food.

Trying hard to catch the big tautogs or a striper

Even though we didn’t catch the big ones, we had a blast teaching the group from MissionSAFE about the crabs we caught and sea stars and jellies. For some of them, it was their first time trying to hold a crab with flailing claws and legs, touching the slime of a squelchy jellyfish, and feeling the tube feet of a sea star sucking on their fingers. 

Comparing the difference between male and female green crabs

It’s a privilege to be able to bring these experiences to people and help them appreciate the harbor. Courageous Sailing Center is such a fun place to be, and it is an invaluable resource for the community. We had a great Monday at Courageous with our little sailors and new explorers from MissionSAFE.

See you on the dock,

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