Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Start for the Summer


My name is Edward Calderon Casimil, and I am a seventeen year old Hispanic. I was born in Puerto Rico, and I moved to the United States when I was two years old. Now, I live in Mission Hill right near the Ruggles T Station. I am in the eleventh grade.

I attend Madison Park High, a technical vocational school. It is a school with eighteen different vocational classes that you can choose from like electricity and plumbing.

I am excited to be working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay this summer, because I want to gain new working skills that I haven't learned yet. Since I am working for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay can open new doors in the future. I will be able to meet new people during the summer, and visit places that I haven't gone to.

Something new that I am excited about is experiencing different outdoors and indoors activities. I am also excited to meet new people and work with others. I also want to learn more Save the Harbor.

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