Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Friend

Is it going to rain? With the sky constantly changing we never knew if it was going to start raining, pouring or just drizzle. Not that I minded, the wind made up for the hot sun that was directly shining down on us. As soon as the equipment was put out, curiosity began to bring kids over to see what we were up to. As we grabbed a couple of crabs in the crab trap the children were eager to learn about them, even if some were scared to touch them they did not turn their attention away.
Some kids were scared, some were brave
When I was showing this little girl the crab with no claws and the baby crab she instantly fell in love with them. She told me how she has a tank at home for the crabs and that she was willing to take care of them. The girl was about the age of 4 and really smart.  She was multitasking at the site, when she was not looking over the crabs she was fishing and vice versa. It did not take long until she got completely distracted with the baby crab that she lost the fishing rod to another kid, but she did not seem bothered by it.  She just turned her complete attention to the baby crab and kept showing the adults with her "the cute crab".

A few mins had past she was still entertained, and did not want to go inside the Children's Museum.  My friend Somtoo came over and sat next to me to interact with the other kids and the little girl that was just sitting and searching for the baby crab in the tank. When it was finally time to go she gave Somtoo and I her two favorite shark stickers that she had on her for us to wear.  Her action touched us, and made us feel special and that we had done a good job. It was not long till the same little girl came back to play with us and the crabs, and she became our new friend.

The sticker that was given to me
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