Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First fish caught at Piers Park!

     This week at Piers Park Sailing Center the campers caught a fish through an unconventional method: the crab trap. Somehow when the crab trap was down a small fish swam into the crab trap and the campers were able to pull it up to the dock. We initially thought that the fish was a sea robin, but through the use of our handy guidebooks we determined that the fish was indeed a sculpin. From the very first day of programming the kids had wanted to catch a fish, but no one knew that the fish would miraculously appear in a crab trap instead of the end of a fishing rod. It is very rare for a fish to be caught at Piers Park in general, much less from a crab trap. The sculpin immediately went into the touch tank so that the campers could admire and touch it. The sculpin proved to be quite a celebrity, attracting a dozen campers to a touch tank is not an easy task!

The sculpin!

     At the end of the day myself and my fellow coworkers decided to put the camper's fishing skills to the test through a friendly competition. The basis of the competition was for the kids to see how far they could cast the line from the dock. The camper/counselor with the farthest cast wins. The group was evenly split into teams, with myself leading a team and Andy leading the other. My team took the lead the first time around but the second time around Andy's team prevailed. The competition was especially enjoyed by our male campers because it gave them a chance to display their skill and strength. I can wholeheartedly say that the day was full of fun and enthusiasm!

Our campers and the sculpin

See you next time,

Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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