Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

My name is Chavelyn Santana. I graduated from the John D. O'Bryant and I will be attending Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) this fall as an incoming freshmen and majoring in phycology. I do not have any set hobbies, but I've played softball for four years, and like to dance and watch t.v. I love to eat and my passion is towards animals. I hope to become an activist against animal cruelty.

I have a dog, she's a German Shepard mixed in with chow and two small turtles.❤️


I've traveled to Texas, Canada, California, France, Spain, Florida ect. I have also been to both Disney World and Disney Land. I hope to travel more as I grow older.


I have worked at the Museum of Fine Arts since my sophomore year of high school and have had awesome opportunities and the MFA has become like a family to me.

This will be my first year at Save the Harbor. What I am looking forward to working here is learning more about the ocean and the animals in it. I'm excited to get me feet wet, and play with the kids this summer. I must admit I'm nervous about fishing and cutting fish open, however, I will try to learn (although cutting fishes up is not on the top of my bucket list). My parents LOVE the idea of me being able to bring fish home but what I love is being able to make a difference at the harbor and perhaps even a child. Everybody seemed friendly and outgoing and I hope to get to work with everybody and create funny and long lasting memories. 

- Chavelyn 

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