Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Share the Harbor!

Katherine Worden

Having spent the last six months studying abroad in London, I am ecstatic to return home to Boston, and to spend my summer helping protect and share its beautiful harbor and beaches.  I grew up in Easton, Massachusetts (about 45 minutes south of Boston), a perfect distance away from many beautiful beaches.  For as long as I can remember, I have spent many enjoyable hours during the summer going to the beaches of Boston and Cape Cod with my family and friends.  Whether it be swimming, boogie boarding, sailing, walking the beach, or just relaxing with a good book, I have many fond memories of the Boston and Cape Cod beaches.  As a new Communications and Policy Intern for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I am so excited to share the organization’s wonderful activities and events that enable Boston residents to truly experience and enjoy the harbor.

The happiness I personally get out of the natural beauty Boston has to offer is just one aspect of my passion to preserve and share it.  I gained an appreciation for the importance of a balanced and healthy aquatic ecosystem from my father, a limnologist (pond water specialist) for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  He was one of many people involved in ensuring the drinking water of Boston remained clean and safe, and impressed upon me the necessity of preserving and protecting the natural environment; not just for our own benefit, but for the other inhabitants (birds, fish, trees, etc.) as well.

During past summers I have worked at summer day camps such as Easton Rec, and College Gate/College Academy.  I am currently pursuing a Biology and Society degree from Cornell University, with minors in Policy and Law.  I also spent a semester studying Biology at University College London.  Having worked in a biotechnology lab last summer, and spent time on policy issues and papers while working as a teaching assistant at Cornell, I am excited to have this experience at such a successful organization.  Having been fortunate enough to grow up with an appreciation and understanding of the Boston Harbor, I am excited to share this with anyone and everyone interested in experiencing it! 

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