Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Familiar Faces in Interesting Spaces

It's Thi here!
Last week, we had a loyal returning group come out from East Boston. These kids and their staff have been coming on All Access Boston Harbor with Save The Harbor/Save The Bay for as long as I remember. I want to do a shout-out to the kids!! They are always so fun and passionate about everything around them, bubbling with questions.
We went to Spectacle Island last week and had the pleasure of taking out this group as long as a few others. On the twenty minute boat ride, I caught myself up with how things have been going with them and it felt so good to be approached and being told "Hey! I remember you!"
Sam taking the hook out of the skate
 After getting re-acquaintanced, we set off for a little competition to see who would catch the biggest fish. Alas, only one skate was caught along with the many green crabs that seem to have gotten more plentiful since last year (uh-oh!).
Before heading back to the boat, everyone made sure to run into the waves, getting their knees wet as we had all promised David we would do.

What a great day that was!
All the best and stay wavy,
Thi Tran

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