Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The CBI Return

During our first week of work, my second site I visited was the one and only CBI. CBI is one of my favorite sites and for many reasons and I really enjoyed being the LHE at this site Friday. Our day was a fun-filled one and we did something new with Sej, our SHE.

Sej taught one of the children we worked with about a new type of bait. It was fun to make too! The bait consisted of dough, water, and sugar. Sounds kind of like a doughnut, right?

The creation was a sticky sweet treat, and as predicted by the kids, the fish would like it, and it was a success!

My time at CBI was great and I learned a lot from the children. We caught tons of eel, many small crabs and fish, and had a blast! Definitely can't wait to hit the water with these kids again, it was a great time, peace!

- Ahmed Hassan

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