Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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My first time on Spectacle Island was a very fun experience. I did not know Spectacle Island even existed until a few days back. So when David was giving his quick history lesson about the island to the kids who were coming with us, I was learning the facts for the first time as well. It amazes me that at one point in time there was all this trash and waste on the island and then for 10 years there was all this fire that burned all the trash, and now it is such a nice place to hang out or go explore. I believe that the greatest aspect of the island, which David and Thi would probably agree with is, the beach. Although it's a little cold when you first get in, you soon feel relaxed and refreshed when you get used to the water temperature. It really seals the deal that the harbor really is clean and that so much work was put in, in order to make it enjoyable for anyone who comes across it. The dock is also very interesting since you can fish and if you get lucky you can catch a skate which looks magnificent up close. Fishing on the harbor can be a calm experience since it's just you and the flowing water. I used to think you had to be on a boat in order to fish, but that is not the case. In my next visit I would like to see some beach glass since I hear that it is very beautiful and smooth. The beach glass is another unique aspect of the island and it is my mission to see all the distinct features that make all the harbor islands different.

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