Friday, July 11, 2014


Where do I even begin. My first week at Blacks Creek and Camp Harbor View sure has been something different. It's interesting to see the kids know so much about the water and what is in it, and even if some do not know anything they are not afraid to find out and dip their hands straight into the dark water. Some kids sure have taught me a lot, and they are the best part of the whole experience.  At Blacks Creek and Camp Harbor View we explore and learn what nature has to offer, which I hope teaches them how to appreciate how valuable everything we have is regardless of how small or ugly it may be.

Campers Exploring an tide pool at CHV
I try my best to engage myself with the kids that may be disengaged and more to themselves. Mostly, because I can relate to how scary and intimidating certain things may be.

Me helping point out some cool finds to a kid at Blacks Creek
Working at CHV is a little more challenging because we don't get to see the groups for as long, but I look forward to becoming buddies with some of the kids at this awesome camp. 

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