Friday, July 11, 2014

Remembering Steve Irwin

The top of the skate which has the spikes.
During our day at Camp Harbor View we began fishing club and went out to the dock to catch some fish.  We grabbed some crabs for bait down by the seashore, hooked them onto our lines and began.  Some used fish bait which lead to the catching of crabs, however we were not catching any fish.  Finally someone had a bite and from the distance it looked like they were reeling up a fish.  But once it got closer we thought it was a stingray and the first thing everyone said was " is that the animal that killed that Steve Irwin guy?"  I was in the same boat as them. I thought it was a sting ray, one of  which had killed the famous Steve Irwin but we all learned something new that day because it was actually a skate, it looked exactly like a sting ray except it does not have a venomous stinger instead it has spikes all around it that protrude out to make it uncomfortable to hold.

The Skates face

After fishing we made some cool discoveries on our beach walk which including some coins, buttons and we even found an army badge which was different from what we normally see. We also found some more hermit crabs and fish head of a humongous striped bass which we had thrown into the water a day ago because it was too large to fit in our lobster trap. It washed up on shore with nothing but bone left, which meant we gave a few animals a very good meal for the night.

A few kids holding the eyeball of a fish we filleted
A campers new discoveries

-Maxwell Kennedy-Reid

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