Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Fish at Piers Park!

Monday was a very exciting day at Piers Park.  Just as the hope of catching a fish for the day had been lost, we found a new friend in an unlikely place.  While pulling up our crab trap for the final time, we noticed something unusual and different had found its way in.  Taking a closer look, we realized that we had captured a small 4 inch Sculpin!

This type of fish is bottom feeder, commonly found in both fresh and salt water.  While it swam around in our touch tank we were able to show all of the kids its spines, located on its dorsal and pectoral fins.  These are used for protection and allow the fish to better hold onto substrate at the bottom of the ocean.
Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic that we finally caught a fish to accompany the many crabs and jelly fish that we normally catch.

Although the sculpin was no where near as impressive as reeling in a massive striped bass or skate, that little guy was our catch of the day and definitely made a big splash.  Looking forward to getting back out there again!

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