Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ideal Day with IDIIL

It's Thi, back at it again!
Yesterday it was surprisingly beautiful! I thought it was going to rain and thunderstorm and rain and rain... but the sun was shining so we seized the chance to go out to George's Island. It was the largest boat load we had taken so far! The numbers were very close to 500, which is absolutely crazy. One of the largest contributors was the IDIIL Education Center with five different sites in Boston and Malden, just to name a few.
I was waiting at the beginning of the gangway, making sure everything was orderly and everyone was getting on one by one when I heard a little voice call out my name. I turn to my right and see Toby!! He was against the guarded handrails and he barely reached the top of it. He melted my heart when he mentioned that he was looking for me.
We went fishing to no avail, so we ended that program a bit early then headed off to the tunnel and the kickball game in the middle of the fort. I went to the tunnel to give the kids who went through an "authentic" experience of the Lady in Black, since she was so busy with all the visitors on the island.
I was very excited to be back on George's Island, seeing all the sites and the amazing almost 360 view.

So pumped to be back this summer and for more adventures,
Thi Tran

Stay wavyy

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