Thursday, July 10, 2014

Get to Know Me: Ruth Scott

Hello All,
Recent Swim Meet in Tampa, Florida
I am Ruth Altie Scott; I am fifteen and a sophomore at Boston Trinity Academy. After academics, swimming is a great passion of mine. I've been swimming for a little over nine years. I swim for Dolphin Swim Club and am an active USA swimmer. I don't swim to beat my competition, I swim to beat myself. Overall swimming has always been a calming factor in my life. I find that I can breathe when I'm in the water. My other hobbies include reading, exploring the Blue Hills and cooking. I've always loved reading. My first words were "read book." I have to thank my mother for my enjoyment in the Blue Hills. While most toddlers went to the playground my mother had me climbing over rocks and picking blueberries in the Blue Hills.
Cooking is also another obsession of mine. Watching how food affects the body interests me as well as anatomy and physiology.  I used to play the violin and sail but I discovered you can't do everything. I decided to drop violin and take my swimming to new heights.
Blue Hills
Sailing used to occupy my summers but now I work on academics and take classes with my mother and starting this year work for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I'm very excited to be working for Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. Two years ago my family took a trip to Bermuda and they had swimming with the dolphins. I didn't swim with them but I decided that I wanted to do marine biology and work with sea creatures. Since then I've gotten into biology and discovered that it is something I would like to pursue later in life. This will be my first job and I'm super excited to start. This summer I'd like to learn more about the fish and animals out in the harbor. I'd also like to meet and work with the kids in Boston. 
Ruth Scott
Old Violin Concert at BCWSO (Boston City-Wide String Orchestra)

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