Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not All Monday's Are Boring

Hello ladies and gentleman,
Jellyfish Fishing at Piers Park
I worked at Piers Park and McDonough on Monday. Most Monday's are boring, frustrating and altogether a rough experience. Not this Monday. The kids at Piers Park are probably some of the most excited and hilarious children I have ever worked with. To start the day off we played a small variation of sharks and minnows. The kids were excited and ready to run. The hardest part of the day was probably trying to remember everybody's name and not mix anyone up. As soon as we were allowed onto the dock. The kids were ready to take on the dock. I was never really interested in jellyfish but the kids at Piers gave me a whole different look on the little jellies. Because we didn't catch any fish and the crab trap didn't have any rope to hold it. The kids went to work scooping up jellyfish and putting them into the touch tank to look at and touch.
This one little girl started off terrified of the jellyfish. She wanted nothing to do with them. But slowly she was willing to get close to them and then touch them. Before you could say anything she was picking them up and inspecting the shape and colors of the jellyfish.

After the kids at Piers Park, I didn't know what to expect at the McDonough. I was nothing but shocked. The kids down at the South Boston Harbor were clambering for a chance with the fishing rods, the nets and touching the crabs.
Kelly Explaining the Gender of the Crab
It was too windy to go out and get the lobster trap but the kids were content with all the green crabs they got. The touch tank was full in no time of green crabs, climbing over each other and fighting with one another. It was nice to see kids so excited to get in touch with the harbor. Most kids just want to sit at home and watch TV. For a change I got to come out and see kids genuinely interested in the world around them and the world beyond the screen.
The Girls Playing with the Crabs at McDonough

Hope to see you around,
~Ruth Scott

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