Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dive in at Spectacle

Hey Everyone,
An average day on All Access Boston Harbor includes coloring pages of the animals in the harbor, a short boat ride, games and fishing and finally a dip in the Harbor with David Coffin. Taking the kids out to the Harbor was a great way to start at Save The Harbor/Save The Bay. Working with children from all over Boston was not only funny but also educational and a good work out. I learned that crabs claws will grow back and most of them lose limbs in fights with other crabs. I also learned that herring is fantastic bait especially the head. Another fun fact is that Spectacle Island water is quite "refreshing." The island is not only beautiful but a great place to play kickball, soccer and fish for crabs and fish. This round on Spectacle I didn't fish with Sam on the pier, but I worked on sports and activities with Lindsay. Kickball is a very popular game with the kids. It doesn't matter the age as long as theres a team and a passion.
Kickball in the Meadow

Lastly a dip in the Harbor is good way to cool down after a hot day. Most days on the islands are hot and it's nice to float around in the water. It's safe, clean and child friendly. Working on the islands was a fantastic way to start off the summer and my very first place of work.

Beach On Spectacle

All the senior staff and educators have been nothing but helpful, funny and polite. It was nice to interact with college students and graduates that are interested in the same topics as me. I am super excited to soak in all the sun and waves at Spectacle and later on in the month Georges Island etc.

Hope to see you out there,
~Ruth Scott

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