Thursday, July 10, 2014

FIFA World Cup Save the Harbor Edition

As usual the kids never cease to fail us, and as an organization we keep up with the demand! After having a great lunch, Lindsay and I took a group of kids with us to the meadow to have an afternoon of fun filled sports! Our Home team was, a returning group from last year, Paige Academy. The away team was East Boston YMCA, and their team of favor was Argentina. In a few minutes we had our very own FIFA World Cup.

East Boston YMCA came out with brute force and used their natural skills and soccer background to maintain a 1-0 game. The children even shocked us when a few of them did a fake play on a corner kick. It was a great day, afterwards I took a few kids to the top of the island to enjoy the view. All
went well for our first day out on the island, despite the fact that I was thrown into the water during the end. On the bright side we have tons of weeks of kids to surprise us! Logging Out!

-Ahmed Hassan

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