Friday, July 11, 2014

Get to Know Me!

Hey guys,

My name is Marco Savage and this past June I just graduated from the Gifford high school in Weston MA. This coming fall I will be attending two years of community college at middle sex campus in Bedford MA and then I will be attending two years at UMass Amherst and then I will go to some school to do three years of architecture. When I grow up I would like to be a real estate developer as well as an architect.

I have a few hobbies that I am very passionate about some of them are snorkeling, traveling, and having fun with friends I have been out of the country 36 times in my life. My family has a home up in nova scotia and we travel there every august. In April we go down to the Bahamas but last year my dad and I went to Guatemala for the first time which was really exciting. During the summer I love going to Water Country a lot because I've always loved the water and its so much fun there.

I have two animals I have a dog named Sandy and a cat named Misty. I am really excited to be working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay this summer because I get to establish new relationships. I get to be by the water and I get to spend time with kids and have fun. One new thing im excited to experience this summer is getting to be able to work and have fun with kids all the time. Even though its only been four days im already super excited for what this summer has in store for us, so far I've learned how to and how to not fillet a fish.  I've also been out to the Boston harbor islands. Im so glad to be working here this summer because it such a great environment to be in, and it also makes me really happy to get to work and hang out with kids who are all about having fun.

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