Friday, July 11, 2014

Knowledge means power

This week I had a lot of new experiences and learned many things while working at our program sites. Walking along the beach at Camp Harbor View I saw a lot of life in the crystal clear waters. The shape of the island is also fascinating, as you look up you can tell how powerful the ocean tides could be because it seems as if part of the island was just ripped off. I also saw old pipes, doors, and a kid even found an old military button and another found a small door that probably belonged to an oven. Its amazing the amount of history that you can find on the Boston's Harbor Islands. 

The cliffs on Long Islands south end.
At the Children's Museum I grabbed a crab for the very first time, crabs remind me of creepy spiders so I had previously only acknowledged them from afar. To think that I would grow some courage after seeing all types of kids younger then me excitedly grab them as if it were a bottle of soda. I also learned that you can spell out "green" on the spikes on a Green Crab's shell, so I do what I do, and pass on what I learned to those that know less than me. One thing that I have been trying to teach the kids is that killing for no reason but a laugh is not right, and that in order to preserve the harbor we need to do the same for those that live in it. 

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