Thursday, July 10, 2014

June's Return to McDonough

My first week back at McDonough has been amazing and everything I had expected it would be when I returned. Returning to McDonough has been so terrific because it feels as if I had never left and that I had been with these kids throughout the school year. All of the kids from last year that had spent the summer with us were as excited as they were the first time we arrived last summer. What surprised me the most is that the kids knew who I was and they didn't forget my name, well my nickname "June". This year we have a lot of new comers to McDonough and they are all really excited to learn about marine life and how they can help the ocean stay clean. What I love most about McDonough is the unselfish characteristics that all the kids there possess, the kids there love sharing the materials we bring in and you never have to say "pass the rod to the next person" for they know they are all there to have fun and enjoy each other's company.

Me Showing Her How To Fish

So far this week we have not yet caught a fish or any lobsters but we are all positive and hopeful that we have as rich of year as we did the last. Even though it has been really hot these last couple of days, we are all still enjoying ourselves and teaching the kids as much as we can about the harbor. Especially when it comes to learning the different types of crabs that are in the area and if they are female or male. The kids are all curious and that is amazing because they are all interested to learn new things. We also went on a walk around the beach to find sea stars, while we weren't fortune to find any, it was cool walking around the beach and enjoying the cool wind. Week one has been amazing and I'm really looking forward to spending my summer at McDonough with all these awesome kids.
Us Tying Off The Crab Trap

Jazeel Mendes 

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